If you have read the book « SURVIVE - The Economic Collapse», you have the necessary information to develop your survival strategy and to build your SAB (Sustainable Autonomous Base). Whether you are an individual, a family, a community or a business, I can help you to go further, to avoid the major hardships and to save precious time..

  • For individuals and families :

    • Evaluating the risks you face in function of your environment and your unique situation.

    • Checking and proofing your survival strategy.

    • Coaching on the setting up of a financial strategy to shelter your wealth from total loss.

    • Help in setting up your Sustaineble Autonomous Base accoriding to your life-style, financial situation and physical condition.

    • Help in selecting the perfect spot for your Sustainable Autonomous Base

    • Coaching and advice on following the 7 main points of a Sustainable Autonomous Base (technical training, practice).

    • Setting up alert levels.

  • For businesses

    • Help in risk assesment for medium/long term.

    • Setting-up contingency plans and risk/impact management programs.

    • Help in setting up marketing stratégies and positioning in a collapsing world.

  • Conferences and papers

    • Conferences on risk convergence, on how to survive to an economic collapse and on how to transform communities to become resilient.



FEES: daily fee is one ounce of gold (at the current market price), plus travel and accomodation expenses.