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"terrifying yet empowering" : comment on amazon.com


For millions of people, the ongoing economic crisis has marked the End of the World As We Know It. The "American Dream" (and ones like it) of a guaranteed job, a home, and a pension, has given way to the nightmare of unemployment, unpayable debt, depression and uncertainty.


In Survive -- The Economic Collapse, Piero San Giorgio looks behind the headlines and soundbites and demonstrates that today's economic crisis is no temporary "downturn," nor is it simply the result of bad policies. The crisis is the beginning of the end of a global paradigm-- when expectations of endless economic growth and progress crash up against the reality of scarcity and limited resources.

The implications of the collapse cannot be ignored: a steep decline in living standards due to the evaporation of easy credit; a new political landscape that might inspire nationalism, geopolitical reshuffling, and even wars over resources; and, potentially, a reduction in global population. No mere doom-sayer, San Giorgio explains not just how to understand the crisis but overcome it--how to foster a resilient community, stay healthy, and become self-sufficient and productive in the "interesting times" that lie ahead.

Packed with tactical information and resources, Survive is nothing less than a field manual for the apocalypse.

Interview of the Author by James H. Kunstler  and interview on Bringspark


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Piero talks about Zombies, Women, Collapse and how to survive


I concur with Piero San Giorgio that there is much we can do besides hand-wringing, prayer, and needless political conflict to facilitate the transition into the next era of human history. I think we also agree on the nature of that journey s destination: a reset, shall we say, to far less complex living arrangements in a world that has grown wider, with fewer people, smaller sovereign units of governance, and reconstructed local economies. The to do list of crucial tasks for civilized people can be stated succinctly: we have to grow our food differently as industrial farming goes obsolete; we have to inhabit the landscape in ways other than suburbia and colossal metroplex cities; we have to move people and things in ways other than airplanes and automobiles; and we have to rebuild the fine-grained, local networks of economic interdependence that will constitutae commerce as we leave the economic dinosaurs of Walmart (and things like it) behind. In this agenda there is no room for crybabies, scapegoating, or pettifogging. Piero San Giorgio lays all this out here with a most refreshing clarity of purpose, which I commend to you as a valuable cram course in how to survive the rest of your life. --James Howard Kunstler

Amazon.com comments:

"This fantastic book does two things:

First, it explains in great details the down right oppressive realities of our economic system. And second, how we can, as individuals or families, create resilience and self-sufficiency intelligently.

The strength of this book is therefore dual. The first part is an academic reference to better understand our modern world. And the second part a simple and pragmatic guide to change, build or fortify our condition within this world by focusing on 7 principles.

The bottom line is that everybody should read this book. From the forward of the well known author James Howard Kunstler (The long emergency / World made by hand) to the last page, this book is fascinating and more importantly empowering."

5 stars !


"Great and really compelling read. The book is well organize and helpful in terms of addressing numerous possibilities that our post cheap oil future has in store for us. Piero has the courage to sketch out some uncomfortable possibilities that the human race seem likely to experience, namely a significant die off in a short period. He is not predicting the future but getting us to think outside the mainstream consensus in terms of what might happen based on the current geopolitical condition we find ourselves in. Most of the content is relevant to all of us and his observations are often unique. The strategy for survival and the events that lead him to predict an economic collapse are far more compelling than any television program, Hollywood movie or video game, it is terrifying yet empowering."

"Fascinating viewpoint of a well travelled European, on a topic which has come to grip the American mind more so than the Continental. Whether it is due to our frontier history, or perhaps our more socially atomized civilization, I don't know. But the cultural backround of the author Piero San Giorgio informs his approach to this topic and enriches it. Missing are many of the tropes of other "survival" works. I enjoy his perspective which lends this work a different tone. Perhaps if someone is looking for an "introduction" style work, which approaches the topic with greater subtlety, this would be more congenial.
Piero San Giorgio also has an interesting youtube channel. Very worthwhile."

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  • " I have to say that I am not just stunned, fascinated, and excited by your excellent treatise on our global situation that you describe in your book. I am inspired by your writing. I have taken your book with me to all of my classes and told them your story, then asked them what will they do, with the privilege and freedom they will have from their education and wealth, to truly make a difference? I am teaching at a private university here in Florida, most of the students are international, and their goals, of course, are mostly money. Hopefully, the seeds planted by your book will produce more fruitful minds, like yours. "

    University Teacher in Florida, Stunning!